[NEW] Proggy Tune

hey people,

just want to share with you my newest production:

Corti Organ - Back Or What 2010 preview by CortiOrgan

thank you for your feedback!


Brillant track!  Loving the groove and anticipation up until the big break.  The drum hits are very ‘light’, sound fantastic and help build up the anticipation. 

Can’t make any real criticisms, but personally I think the drums get lost in behind the mass of synth after the big break.  This sounds like an artistic decision but I think it would be nicer if the track pumped a bit more in this section, maybe toughen up the drums and raise volume in the mix? 

i dunno if raising the volume of kicks would be good..

i got in other forums feedback, they say its too much sidechained after the break,
so i guess its a matter of taste..

thank you for your feedback!

re-edited the track(bassline, mixing and some frequencies…)

listen again & thx for u comments



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