New progressive/electro house tune feedback?

sorry my soundcloud wont work here is the download link>>

any feedback would be nice (im aware the volumes dips in the song, need to fix it cos its still not finished)


any feedback???

Just downloading now mate :slight_smile:

Really good, i like the breakdown and the bass drop is really good.

Hmm, could the bass be made a little more “in your face” or not? Just seems to be lacking a massive punch which a tune like this should have.

yeh your right, i bput a bit more distortion and bass boost on it, you think that will do the trick?

thanks by the way

i like that little ‘the reward is cheese’ type of bleep in it

yeh i had to edit a loop for tha, took a while bu i think its a nice effect:)

so any changes u’s think i should make?

i know the end needs work and some other people say the 2nd breakdown sound completely diferent to the 1st build up? would you agree?

ive only been doin all this for only 4 month from absolute scratch, so at the minute i can probably only say that i do really like it.

its got a wkd 1st build up and th tune is pumpin!

love the bassline and all the little synth hits in the 1st riff like i said before, reminds me of ’ the reward is cheese’ (beltin tune)!

thats all i could say at the mo!

im lookin at makin a similar style to what you are so i’ll hopefully be takin tips of you if ya dont mind… lol!!!

keep it up dean!

haha thanks yeh i love the little sounds deadmau5 puts in with those types of tracks so thought i’d investigate it! haha ill post up the final track when its finished thanks again!