New Progressive House(?) Ch00n

Hey guys,

Just finished up a new progressive house tune and I’m curious what you guys think of it.

I think it might be a touch too long. Feedback, positive or negative, is always appreciated!


Has a good flow to it, enjoyed that, nice track! At Uni right now so cant comment too much on it since I have to set my headphones on real low (Library! :P)


Nice track.

I think it is very well arranged.

The only thing I would say is that the sounds being used seem a little dated. Specifically the Synth Stab, but that’s just my opinion.

You are completely right about the stabs, I tweaked them starting from a preset called ‘class of 88’ haha. The Epiano is straight out of a 70’s kit I have. I clearly have no respect for genres or how cutting edge my sounds are :/. Maybe if I am not lazy I will go back and swap them out.

Ended up swapping out a new version, tweaked the bassline so its a bit less “smacky” as it ended up grabbing too much room in the track I think.

This is some good sounding production. I don’t mind the old sounding tunes. It all sounds great in company with the other instruments.

Even that panflute like sound :slight_smile:

Great arrangement as well. Very professional like!

Glad you liked it. Man, I’ve come to believe I have a panflute addiction. Every time I tweak a patch it ends up sounding like a panflute… I think that patch was originally called “hardcore square” or some ****… haha

comments left on SC, enjoyed this, great prog track man

pleasant listening, solid production, kinda reminded me of old chicane stuff, well done :slight_smile: