New Progressive House Track

Hey Guys

Finally had a few days off :smiley: and produced my first track,take me about a week

and end up with this and actually stuck at this moment,need few days of brake

Would love to hear any feedback,what’s good,what’s wrong,Thanks

ps I am using Ableton

here is the track

I enjoyed this quite a lot, nice and chilled with a dancey groove!

i like the mixing and the overall sounding of the track, although i have 2 reflections:

  1. a characteristic and melodic lead line would give a lot to the track,

  2. i would put in some FX sounds to be a little more crowded, near the intro part it sounds a little bit empty.

I have to agree with Pazsin.

Definitely add some more FX and lead line.

However, for being a first track you are right on point.

Keep learning and you’ll get there. :slight_smile:

Thanks lads