New progressive house tune

new original jam, have a listen and as always feedback is greatly appreciated..

have a good one guys!

Very good stuff!!!

Just the high end sounds a bit thin, or sometimes to sharp and thin. The hihats and snare are not sounding fat and silky, the whooshes that are coming are as well to harsh in the high end. I thnk if you can fix that the track has much more grip and will kick your *** even more! Again very cool tune!!!

as well the synths are sometimes to loud and the kick could be more louder and more present. I just wanted to add that.Becouse it can be really a bloody good hit! :slight_smile:


The song itself is not my style, so I can’t discuss about that.  But what I do want to say is that you need to sort out the low end.  Your bass sounds long and muddy and lacks power (maybe try turning the decay down, to get it more ‘articulating’.  Or put some sidechain compression on it from the kick).  Despite the lack of power it still manages to blow the kick away.  I don’t know on what speakers you made that mixdown, but it might help if you give it a listen on another sound system just to make sure.



thanks guys i appreciate the replies. i agree the mixdown needs work, its an area ive been struggling with a bit. i appreciate the well thought out feedback im def going to take a second look at this song and make the necessary changes

It sounds a bit muddy, but I think that’s already mentioned.

Another thing that I noticed was the whitenoise. Better filter & EQ this more. And also reduce the volume.

I think you’re definitely on the right track with the arrangement and melodies. However as mentioned before the synths are a bit weak and thin. It doesn’t have that full rich sound. I bet with the right timbre this track would be really groovin