New Progressive Track

Made this one today. Enjoy :)br

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[quote]reeson (16/12/2015)[hr]Made this one today. Enjoy :)br

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sounds excellent, definite deadmau5 influence there? but sounds very

I know deadmou5 makes this kind of music, but wasn’t influenced by him. The idea just came by and I made the track. :slight_smile:

Hey man, I really like the track. I agree with Bryan about the old skool electro sounding synth using the filter cutoff sounding like Deadmau5, especially with the extreme side-chaining that’s going on, but it works and that’s the main thing! :Dbr
I’m struggling to add any ideas to it tho, other than perhaps some vocal elements to add further depth to it?br
Great job! :slight_smile:

Hey Reeson,br
Really cool track, i like the chords and the build up is cool. Maybe you can add some more percussion and other unique elements in around the track to add a bit more depth to
Keep up the good

Yeah Reeson, this is a great tune mate. It’s in my playlist of tracks I actively listen to!

Love it mate! Excellent groove can’t fault it

just to leave my not very helpful feedback: found that song months ago and it’s in my playlist since then. yes, it reminds you very strongly of this and that producer; would disagree with deadmau5 because that would be a bit darker. overall very nice.

to add some critique and please apologize my random english that might sound harsher than it’s intended:

  1. the song lacks a bit on low quality speakers where it gets very thin and the drums overpower the melodic instruments and all you hear is kicks and sidechain compression. on good speakers it’s nice. but compared to deadmau5 songs there is something not 100% en point in the mastering.

  2. it feels too short and like it lacks of movement. it starts, it develops and suddenly it’s over and i wouldn’t have a problem with listening 17 minutes to it like it was the 70s again. you have something nice going on and just personally i really would like if you would taken that motif and explore it to the extreme. but instead it stays so quiet and friendly. it’s not really building up to a climax, it just moves forward without much conflict, pleasant to listen to but without this moment that gives you goose bumps. obviously you have all the skills to create such a moment but it’s missing here. hard to explain what i mean, but to illustrate this moment that i am missing: the string driven break down in knights of the jaguar, or the whole arrangement of hans zimmer’s interception theme,or paul kalkbrenner’s feed your head (and most of his other songs since 2002) or even stuff like ravel’s bolero where stuff is stacked on top of stuff with a lot of stuff below it (again apologize my english). things are not just sounding good and don’t just move towards an ok-ish end but they build up towards a goal of maximum in-your-face-ness.