New psytrance track...after 9 months!

Hey guys. After 9 months, I was finally able to put something together. Enjoy!

Hey there Luka :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s been quite a while … LOL

Got this one to be released this time too BTW ?

Nice track for the genre, always very dynamic & punchy :sunglasses:

You pushed this one quite in the red in terms of levels… “Don’t bang the drum…” ( The Waterboys ) :wink:

But yea, I know it’s hard to refrain especially with this genre, it doesn’t distort much and you can still crank up the volume when listening back, so yep, you have the good Mixing technique behind. Nice work ( would still be with a few dB down you know… LOL ) :sunglasses:

Cheers !

Yeah, I’ve mixed it at school in proper studio…but mastering, I paid for it. For now I’ve decided to stop releasing music. Instead I made my own patreon page (link in the video description) where you can support me and get all my unreleased music.

Well, they made it loud, but again for the genre it’s something I can understand :wink:

Will have a look at this on your channel then. You’re right trying it IMO, there’s new ways to make your music be heard and to try to get some benefits out of it these days, so it might be worth to try things like this instead of being tied to labels & releases.

You’ve seen this interview BTW ? Gareth Emery Interview - Giving us the low down on his new platform | Gareth Emery Interview
The concept behind “Choon” and the cryptocurrency is also something interesting I think. You’ll find the link to the platform on the tutorial main page.

I will take a look when I come home :slight_smile:

What synths did you use for this, and do you have any recommendations?

This was the first time that I used Zebra 2 for bass. Just a saw wave with additional processing. For the synths I used Spire and Serum ( check this channel for more serum stuff). There is also a lot of delay going on. I found that delay called Colour Copy works like a charm.