New PsyTrance track

It’s been a while since I made any psy tracks…so here it is…enjoy!

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This sounds very nice mate that intro reminds me of Delerium - Silence ft. Sarah McLachlan (Tiesto Mix) dont know why lol

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pushes nicely forward. brings back some memories.

bit offtopic: where’s that flute coming from? know it from several 80s songs, e.g. - YouTube and TANGERINE DREAM - YELLOWSTONE PARK. - YouTube

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Its a shakuhachi flute… few 80s synths had it in the presets…Yamaha SY77 & Roland D50 i think both had it.

I found this flute under Uberschall samples.

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thanks a lot.

Phil knows his stuff lol

Wow. Love it.

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know, Spider Trance is finally released!

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brilliant mate, good work!