New PsyTrance Track

Hey guys!

It’s been a while, yes? I’m finally breaking my silence with this new track. Enjoy!

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Hi there Luka,

Nice punchy track and good piece of work, found it entertaining and well balanced, the slight variations of the drums throughout the track gives a nice progression to it. I was expecting a stellar breakdown with only the voice and some Egyptian pad’s sounds but you kept the energy all long and that also work.

Are you taking part to the Psy Trance with Shadow Chronicles Remix Competition ?

You definitely should with your level of production.

Hey Teka!

Thank you for you feedback. I took you expetation and molded into the track. There is now a more proper breakdown with pads and sort of arabic beat. And ofcourse it ends into a cheesy drop with pryda snare.


Hi again Luka,

Just got your msg, listening to the updated version right now… So that’s live comment :smile:
Yep, listening to that nice voice sound the first time, I was really expecting it to be used in a breakdown.

Ok, reached the breakdown now… Cool, I like the pad’s sound that almost match the voice.

Nice end also as you mentioned, it makes the track polished.

So yeah, nice track, really dig it more with the breakdown. Only point that my ears picked up and sent a “oups, strange ?!”" msg to my head ( because that’s how it works :smile: ) it at 5.07 time when you’re coming back to the normal beat rhythm, found it a bit sudden, a 1/8 bar length more of the previous rhythm would be smoother for the transition, but hey, that’s very critical listening advise, but it catches my ears, so I tell it.

So again, great work and nice track, I will let other’s appreciate and hope you’ll receive positive feedback.

Edit: Been to your SoundCloud, you’re a very prolific composer and in various genre, that’s great. I’ve been listening to few tracks, will try to spend more time but I liked very much your Distant World (original mix).

Thank you again!

I know that transition is all the sudden; going to fix that now, because I won’t be able to sleep otherwise :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support!


You’re welcome, hope to see other people enjoying your work here and provide some feedback too.
Thanks to you for sharing the track and don’t forget to catch some sleep !! :wink:

Cheers !

Ok, this shoud be fine now; sort of smoother transition.
Btw, I have also youtube channel, check it out if you want.


Hey Luka !

Definitely much better now with this transition, my ears are happier with that :wink:

Will have a look at your YouTube channel as well.

Really would like to read other’s people comments too, so feedback for Luka please !

Cheers !

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Now also on Youtube!