New PsyTrance track

Hey hey, finally made a new Psytrance track. A lot of people on Youtube were asking for this kinda middle east vibe (like Anubis track), so I made one. Not to mention, it only took me like 4 years XD

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Hey there @reeson

Nice work as usual :wink:

Are you aware of the weekly Sonic Academy Live stream on their YT channel where Chris & Phil review user’s tracks during some “Demo Doctor” sessions ?? Don’t hesitate to submit your track(s) for more in-depth feedback from them.
More about this here : Sonic Live Stream

Protoculture is often in the chat as well during those weekly Live Streams :wink:

If you decide to do so, send links to downloadable audio files and naming should follow this format :


Cheers !

Hey :slight_smile:

I might just do that. One more thing, the last part of the naming format, you mean FileName as in .wav or?


That’s a good one. Very well done.