New Remix done for Contest. Votes Appreciated!

Hey Guys. I recently have finished up a remix for a contest Ensis Records is running. This is my take on Hristian Hristov’s track “Shatter” If you like the track I’d really appreciate if you guys for vote for track on the remix contest page. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!br
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its not really my genre tastes but its good man. br
only thing that stood out to me was how the kick that builds up to the drop was louder than the drop. from a listener perspective sometimes this takes away from the ‘payoff’ you get when it kicks back
but def good work there :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, I think what it may be is that the buildup has the kick and a snare, because the kick drum doesn’t actually change volume in my project. Thanks for the advice and I’ll be sure to listen for that next time though :slight_smile: