New Skin for KICK 2 (free download)

Hey guys!
I made some adjustments to the KICK 2 skin, and came up with this result:
KICK 2 - Marshmello Edition

You can download the skin for free right here:

Oh… and please check out the readme.txt, so you know how to install the skin!

Have a nice day!


looks brilliant! :thumbsup:

wow nice skin

Hey! Could you reup the skin or anybody who has it? Would be great thx!

Hey @Suloo

I have messaged this member to ask if he could re-upload a new link and also if he was able to get this skin to work with latest Kick 2 version ( should be OK, I’m using older Audiotent Skins that still work fine with the latest v1.1.1 )

Let’s see if @ClaesLanng is still an active member and will be kind to provide a new link, this topic is more than a year old now :slight_smile:

@Tekalight would you upload those skins maybe? I just would like to bring in something fresh :smiley:

Hey there @Suloo

I don’t have this “KICK 2 - Marshmello Edition” skin, didn’t download it at the time of the original post and I never got a reply from this user since my last post & message. This zippyshare link is broken : “file no longer exist”.

The other skins I mentioned aren’t free, they come from an Audiotent Kick 2 Presets pack, so it won’t be fair with the guys at Audiotent to share those here + the forum is on public access for reading and opening links.

They have a page where you could get a free skin sampler against providing your email address, but the link doesn’t seem to work anymore Kick 2 Presets Sonic Academy Velocity - Audiotent

ok, thanks anyway. I might give it a shot b myself then one day.

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@Suloo are you simply looking for new skins or do you plan to try to design your own ? If it’s to try to make a new one, you should perhaps copy the default one and start from there, skins are located in their own folder, so you’ll find the “Default” folder that you could duplicate in those locations :

  • MAC : Your_MacOS_HD/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/GUI
    (that’s the main MacOS Library, not the “user” Library )

  • WIN : C:/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/GUI