THe song we are currently working on. Wanted to see if anyone liked it. It’s two days old so we still have to give it to some time to see what we want to do with it. Song is called damn I’m ****ed up. Remember it is not done and is only two days old. Things will be changed. constructive criticism is welcome.

Isn’t there a section to post your tracks?

I bet you could answer that if you wanted to howie. Come on, use that brain of yours.:slight_smile: You can do it.

EDIT: If you can dream it, you can do it

Yeah its cool.

let us know when you’ve developed it .:cool:

Will do, I normally start a song and then come back to it after getting really high and listening to it for a while. I like to get a template and find out what I need to do to it. Thanks for the reply to man.