New song Flying High need feedback!

need feedback

Dean Kenny - Flying High by DeanKenny

Fair play mate :cool:

nice production man, how do you do that noise thing with the hats?

its just a stab… if u listin to it again i use the same sound in a full percussion loop!

lovin this a lot well done - sounds excellent and just the sort of sounds i like. :slight_smile:

hey dean from what i think is a begginers track ( you posted when you first joined ?)to this is simply brilliant man no  critisism apart from get this bad boy masterd fully dude well done !:slight_smile:

well iv been at this at year so i suppose this is my best… yeh i need to learn mastering properly!

have a look at my youtube page :slight_smile:

good dude. i liked “i dont wanna be” too. nice work. you use samples? what synths you use? :wink:

I like it!! Nice work!!

oh i dont wana be was jus when i was starti d whole song was jst loops thrown together no skill at all:L:L

very nice track mate i like this nice and deep. The bass rolls along nicely

thanks cheak out my youtube page:)