New song - The Cardinal

This track is probably a little different than most posted here :grinning: It’s actually an old piano piece I wrote about ten years ago. But since joining Sonic Academy, I feel like I have learned a lot drums and rhythm, so I recently redid this song from the ground up, concentrating a lot on the drums. I hope you enjoy it.

It is indeed :slight_smile: but yes, there’s a lot of work about the drums & rhythm part to accommodate this piano piece, so it’s definitely a good learning process and experience to make something like this. You could raise the levels of your rhythmic part BTW. This piano piece is quite complex in terms of tempo & swing so you did a pretty good job with the drums I think.

Thanks @Tekalight. The tutorials here are great, and I have learned a lot from them. I think the my eq’ing and mixing have also improved thanks to Sonic Academy, and that helped a lot with this song, too.

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