New Song - To The Outer Planets

Here’s a new song I finished recently, called To The Outer Planets. Not sure what genre it would be, so I’ll just call it Electronic and leave it at that.

Nice track, & yep, quite difficult to put it in a “genre” box, some Electro-Chill preahps ?? The tempo is a bit too high for ambient for sure :wink:

Can hear real improvement in your mixes among time BTW, this one is nice in terms of levels & balanced.

Keep on the good work :wink:

Cheers !

Hey @Tekalight, thanks so much for the reply. I have gone through several of the tutorials here now, I and really do feel like I am learning a lot from them. Every time, I try to apply a little more of what I have learned. It’s good to hear from you that it’s working :slight_smile:

That’s the good way to go IMHO :slight_smile: , learning at your own pace & keeping the fun & joy of making some music while improving your technique.

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