**New** Sonic Bite Size Walk-through - Funkasaurus 'Jackhammer'

The next video walk-through in the Sonic Bite Size series is on Funkasaurus ‘Jackhammer’

This one is presented by our very own Graham Ginty who is one half of ‘Funkasaurus’.

The video tutorial takes you on an extensive walk-through their ‘Jackhammer’ tune covering everything from drum patterns and vocal processing to setting up your very own Rewire using Ableton and Reason.

Let us know what you think here!

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The vids aren’t showin yet, I’ll check back in a couple! Thanks again SA team. You guys have really stepped it up the past month and I’m lovin it!


[quote]raymondsar (6/4/2009)[hr]Spence,

The vids aren’t showin yet, I’ll check back in a couple! Thanks again SA team. You guys have really stepped it up the past month and I’m lovin it!


It seems to me that they always had been stepping it up. Have you looked around the net and seen anything better anywhere else? This shit is off the hook!

I’m not going to bring up the past, but I think that the majority will know what I mean by that comment. :wink: :smiley:


videos are a go go!


inserts a thumbs up icon (T)

we are trying our best to provide the best tutorials on the net! and its great to hear positive feedback!

we’ve got plenty more lined up for you !

im sure you’ll enjoy grahams one, its definately in depth!

man the tutorial is really great !!! loved it and showed me a lot of new tips and tricks to put into my own work !!

thanks a lot for showing your personal tune @ graham !

love it really much !!

cant wait whats coming up in the future @ SA !

Dubfire would be my very favourite one ! :smiley:

cheers but love all tutorials u guys show us !!


Get in there graham !:cool::cool::cool::cool:

absolutley brilliant stuff from sa also that was more dinner size that bite size!.

Wicked stuff:D

Nice one guys, glad u like it! It is a bit of a whopper bite sized! I always believed that “Fun Sized” Mars bars were wrongly named as surely a real “Fun Sized” Mars bar would be about a foot long so therefore a Bite Sized for those who like to take a larger bite than usual!

Cheers Graham.

Good tutorial with loads of new tricks to explore.

Mucho appreciated.


Hey Graham, nice tutorial man! One stupid question… How did you get your toolbar at the top rearranged? Not to mention, how did you get “Ginty” at the top too? Thats illmatic!

And one regular question… When you did the vocal and you found something you liked, why didnt you say the same thing over and over and over again and layer them on top to get a chorus effect? Just curious of your thoughts and if it would even work for something like this?

You would only be able to get a chorus/phase type effect if you made sure u said the same thing at the same rhythmical point each time, otherwise it could just sound like it was double tracked. Probably easier just recording once and using a phase and/or chorus effect on it.

Thanks, Graham for this amazing Tutorial ! I` ve learned a lot !

I often record the Signal from Reason into Audio and sliced it on a new Midi track, it s a lot of fun to make some new Loops and Grooves.

I like your Style, verry faaaat !!! :smiley: