New Soundcard Advice

Morning all,

Right totally upgrading my studio, have ordered a new PC, dual core, maxed out, will run win 7, with ableton as main daw for arrangement. New Monitors (although they will be second hand)

Now I’m trying to decide if i should buy a new soundcard or not.

For the last 7 years i’ve used an internally fitted M-Audio 24/96, it’s been great, but i’m wondering if i should move that over to the new set up or buy a new card completely?

So i’m curious as to what everyone else is using soundcard wise? Any recommendations? I’d rather have an installed Soundcard but it’s not essential, so USB is also an option.

I’m wondering if maybe it’s worth going for one of the M-audio Protools cards and using Pro-Tools for my mixdowns (I’ve been using reaper up until now).

anyway, and comments, advise etc… gratefully accepted.


I’m also going to upgrade my studio… i’m going to buy an apc40 to control ableton live and a new laptop for my liveact. I suppose I will need an external soundcard to get low latency… and i really don’t know which one I should go for… any advices ? :slight_smile:

I would say a m.o.t.u audio interface, there expensive though. I bought a 2408 mk3 secondhand (for a fraction of the price) as I have lots of outboard gear. Could not fault it

Hi i like native instruments audio 2 or 4 depends your needs a friend of mine got them i have m audio fast track pro

i have an  M audio external usb sound. Studio phile Pre.

thanks all…

I’ve been thinking it over, and i think, to start, i’ll stick with the 2496 and see how ti goes… if it’s fine under win7 and i’ve been both happy and not ahd any problems then why not continue?

If i hit problems i can always upgrade, but i think i’ll save the money for other kit :rolleyes:

Noted these all down, although i think the M.O.T.U is a little outta my price range :smiley:

I just have a Maya 44 usb which does the job - got it for £40 quid on ebay - but I am a cheapskate :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently bought the focusrite saffire 24.

best soundcard ive ever had.

Mic pre amps are amazing and the output quality is fantastic. couldnt recommend it highly enough.

Depends what your needs are.

If you want a just soundcard interface or a mixer interface?

Do you want to record instruments and DJ?

I personally use both the N.I Audio 8 (USB) and D.4 Mackie mixer (Firewire).

I really love D.4 Mackie for DJing and production. It gives me the option to DJ,Record guitars and use external EFX, compressors. Rock solid with zero latency.

M.O.T.U ans M-audio do make great audio interfaces. I would recommend checking their forums/ websites for any compatibility issues. Great example is KORG ZERO mixer which I really interested in. However, checking their forum the product has nothing but problems.

Good luck.

Yesterday, I finally took my credit card, went on and bought the “M Audio Fast Track Pro” for 140 euros… i checked on the M Audio website and there are drivers for Windows 7 64 bits… so, this is just perfect ! :wink:

I needed an external soundcard interface with very low latency and no mixer ! :slight_smile:

  • External because i will use it on my personal home computer and on my laptop when i’ll go play my liveact.
  • With the midi in and out, i will try to connect my Yamaha RS7000 and use it as a midi controller for Ableton. If it’s not good enough, i will buy the Akai APC40.

    With this setup, i will be able to play my liveact and doing a dj set with ableton will be really easy ! :wink:

    Thank you everybody… :wink:

I think RME is great choise.

It sound good enough for music industry.

i’m not saying It’s Best. But it’s good “enough”.

PT LE have track limited. i don’t think it’s good choise.

soon or later .i think live will become dance music standard DAW.

What is RME, please ? :unsure:

[quote]mike dessler (27/04/2010)[hr]What is RME, please ? :unsure:[/quote]

Here is their website Home - RME Audio Interfaces | Format Converters | Preamps | Network Audio & MADI Solutions

Professional soundcard producers - they cost a tidy some though

Ouch… indeed, looks like very good hardware but they cost pretty much too !:stuck_out_tongue: