New Synthwave track

Hey guys, I’m back yet again, but this is time is something totally different.

So, this is the first one for me. A Synthwave-ish kind a track. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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holy cheesus. that’s awesome. just too much reverb on the hihats for my taste.

Thanks! I know, there is too much reverb. Try listening to it now. I’ve attenuated the reverb :slight_smile:

Sounds really really good, great sound choice in the track and wicked parts going on. Only thing I feel it’s a little over compressed - sounds very squashed to my ear.
Top work

Thank you sir! Try listening to it now. It should be fine, plus I’ve added a riff part.

Now also on youtube. Enjoy!

nice track I really enjoyed it

Thank you!

saw that thread again in the recommendations. and now the latest mix… let me lift my fedora in admiration. some weeks or months ago newretrowave promoted one of my songs. and that thing wasn’t half as good and half as retro as this one. maybe you should send them a message. they’ll love it.

Oh, thanks. Yes, I will.
Do you mean this channel right?

Si, those. They have a website where you can send them your song.

I submitted the track. Now we wait…

Do you know how long it usual takes to get the respond from them,after submitting the track?

It was around two weeks.

Well, just got an email, saying my submission was rejected. The song was too long, and not enough mellody.

wtf. makes no sense. but recently their submission form is also offline for most of the time. probably they decided that their backlog is getting too big.