New Tech House - Space Fan

Been working on this one this weekend. All comments welcome as usual bit I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know how it sounds on your system - bass, mid range and so on. Ta.

Hope you enjoy.

Block.Punch - Space Fan - Unsigned by Block.Punch

sounded great on my headphones, and i really like the track, cool bass pads and grooves :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s a winner mate

Only listened on my cr*ppy headphones and it sounds very clear - I’ll check it out on my other systems later

Nice work matey

o0oh, very nicely mixed man. came through crisp and clean on my KRK 6"ers, not muddy at all :smiley: and i’m likin the track as well, double wammy :wink:

Great tune buddy.

However, on my Sennheisser HD 280 pro’s I was lacking a little in the mid range. I’ll have a listen again tomorrow on my makie monitors and let ya know.

Great work though

This sounds great on my Adam A7 - I tried to look for missing mid and couldn’t spot any (although that might be my ears!).

This feels much housier than the other stuff of yours I’ve heard - I think it really works, I like it alot.

cheers Ant.

I gotta agree with the other guys, wonderful mix… I LOVE the low end in this tune…the overall sound of the track is very niceee and warm! it has such a nice simple driving vibe to it, great work. can i suggest a mastering engineer for this tune? —> Robert Babicz (google him). This is right up his alley…

looking forward to hearing more! :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. Yeah I know Rob’s work very well (Rob Acid as he used to be). Never thought about using him as a mastering engineer though. I’ll have a think about it and maybe see what he charges.

Ta :slight_smile:


Got a chance to listen to it again with fresh ears and through my monitors.
It sounds much better, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Great work.

So I asked Rob to master this and he said yes! As he doesn’t take on every track he gets sent I am really happy about that.

Obviously you guys will be the second to hear it - after me of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

great news that rob will master it Jon. I like the track also… nice one for the beach :slight_smile: