New Tech House

Hey Guys

Here’s a new one from me. Not sure if it’s finished yet. Would appreciate any comments!

Secret linky to Soundcloud…

This is the original - the link to the new version is further down in my more recent post.


Link to new version here just in case too…


Like it, nice deep feel to it. Like the keys/pad you got in there, works nicely

Cheers Ted - and Birde too - for your comments on here and SC.

I think the reason that I’m not sure about it is the VST I introduce later in the track. I think I’m not comfortable with it and might tweak. It sounds ok earlier when it’s filtered but when I open it up it’s too squelchy/squealy for this track I think. Maybe I’ll drop it and try something else.

nice work like the nice deep vibe it has going on…:wink:

I saw your post on here when you made it but SoundCloud wasn’t playing the track for me at that time. Anyway, I looked out for the one VSTi part that you say doesn’t seem quite right. However, it happens to be where I like the track the most, actually!

Thanks mate. I just replied to your comment on SC. That bit you mention I DO like. It’s the part just after that when I let the synth that create the short squelch take over and open up a lot. That’s when it goes wrong for me I think.

So, I’ll probably work more on the part we both like. Extend it a bit and take out the opened up synth and replace with something else. I might even have a long breakdown which I don’t normally do.

Thanks for the multiple listens and comments!

Hey Guys

I’ve extensively reworked this and THINK it sounds a lot better now. A lot more together and less fragmented.

As ever, I’d love your comments please. Here’s the usual secret linky…


I’ve left the original up too for comparison’s sake.



Lovely piece of Music J!

Really like the way it just bounces along kick… then hearing the filters & delays happening… then the bassline & the extra little added chord.

Very good. Nice arrangement, because I cant tell you what happened - and thats the good thing… it just kept going, never slacked off & was very enjoyable to listen to.

Spot on Man :slight_smile:

Just to add - Much better than original. It now sounds unique.

The melody & that in the last version just werent memorable enough or something… 100 times better now, but you know that already… so I know you wont mind me saying it -  LOL :cool:

Thanks mate :smiley:

I’m really happy with this one. It’s the smoothest track I’ve done i think.

You’re totally right about the previous version. I knew it was lacking something and it certainly didn’t end up how I’d intended it to when i started it. This version is exactly the style and sound I was aiming for. A first for me. Lol.

Wow 130 view on this thread now. :w00t: Cool. Anyone else had got any thoughts on it?

I’ve actually started to send this one off to labels so let’s see if I can get one signed!

If you can add comments to the Soundcloud files that’d be fantastic as it’ll help with the labels. Ta


Very nice sound mate;) Sounds deeeeeepppp:)

Loving the groove bro. That’s what makes this tune IMO.