New Tech - something - I don't know track

Hey guys. It’s been a while. I made a new track. Don’t know what’s the exact genre, so yeah. Enjoy!

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Hey Luka !

Cool track again, very energetic ! I was surprise by the “orgish/rodhish” synth sound starting the break :wink: but for an almost 7mn long track you managed to keep it entertaining & dynamic.

As for the genre, yeah, hard to tell : euphoric trance ?? : not sure because of some “disco” sounding elements in there…

Cheers !

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Now also on Youtube!

Already commented the track, nice. Pretty cool 3d Spectrum animation BTW :wink:

Would be nice to see some other’s feedback & comments here :heart_eyes:

The forum is your place to exchange !! :wink:

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Hey hey hey, Organ Piper in now released on iTunes and Google Play Music.

Congrats !! :smile:

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