**New - Tech Tips & Progressive House in Cubase **

hi guys,

2 new items this week,

Tech Tips

number one is a is brough to you by Sonic Academy Producer and resident Reason expert Graham Ginty - two advanced tech tips for all the Propellerhead Reason fans.

Tech Tip 41 - Using Thor as an Effects Unit

In the first Reason Tech Tip we look at using the powerful Thor instrument as an effects unit. We wire a Dr. Rex loop into the filters in Thor to create some massive dubbed out and delayed effects to add to your track.

Tech Tip 42: Multiple Sidechaining with Spider Audio Splitter

In this Tech Tip we take a look at the Spider Audio Splitter to create multiple sidechain effects from the same source kick drum. We show you how to use it to add some essential pump to a techno bass and lead line.

Watch them here

How To Make Progressive House in Cubase

Increasing on the 27 video How to Make Progressive House course, comes our 37 video - How to Make Progressive House course in CUBASE 5.

recreating the popular progressive house style using Cubase 5’s built in drum machine and FX modules.

Watch it here


This is great and all but I would really prefer you guys spending your time on new content, instead of the same stuff on different DAWs. Hopefully this will show the people that are struggling with following the Ableton tuts that all DAWS are essentially the same & that you should be able to follow any tut in any DAW.

Just my opinion.

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Tutorial 18 don’t work and 19 is out of sync.

18 is working now,

not sure what the sync issue you had was with 19?