New to djing & serato itch need some guidance guys!

Hi guys I’m new to DJing & just bought VESTAX VCI 300 & using Serato Itch. I’ve got a few questions on starting out for beginners when it comes to mixing tracks so if you guys be kind enough to explain my burning questions or post some links for tutorials that be awesome!

Steps to start mixing tracks

1.Do we begin by loading a track to deck A then another to deck B but follow the BPM & key of track A?

2.Do we then beat match to deck A by shifting the pitch to deck A’s BPM then match the beat by finding the kick on deck B, rocking the platter back & forth then release it by counting in time with the beat of deck A to get it aligned? (Is there a simpler way for digital Djs?)

3.Do we have to find 2 songs that are in the same key in order for them to not clash? Is there any way to sync them if they’re in different keys?

4.Is it true that every 8 BPM is a half note, so technically eg 2 tracks:

Track 1. 130 BPM in F# & Track 2. 138 BPM in G

If I pitch shift track 2 to -8 BPM, does that mean that track 2 will be 130 BPM in F#. Same key & same speed?

5.Is the next step after all the beat matching & syncing to start playing with cue points so that we can mix both tracks according to what we want like where track B should start so we can fade in seamlessly?

Thanks guys for stopping by & hope can get some awesome tips soon… :slight_smile:

doesnt matter witch deck you load up first, but yeah the aim of the game is to get the tracks in the same BPM, by using the pitch fader. keeping the tracks in key is called harmonic mixing, very good if your going to do long melodic mixing, if you just want to mix the tails it isnt that important (depending on the tracks). there is a good peice of software that will work it out for you call “mixed in key”. if your mixing house or anything with a four on the floor beat, use the kick for cueing the next track, if your mixing DnB, listen to the snare as this is a lot more consistantly placed to the beat. it looks like the same cueing method that you can use on CDJs, tap the cue button 4 times (in sync with the track tempo) then hit the play button on the first beat of the next bar. not with the 8th note thing, although i no i you move the pitch more thn 2.5 each way you will be effecting the tracks key, a lot of this is explaind on the mixed in key program, youtube it. after getting the beatmatching sorted learn how to use EQ effectively<<<<very important!!! then cue points and other fancy stuff like that will make your sets sound unique!
hope this helped!