New to the forum and would like feedback on a couple tracks

Hi, I’m Greg from Atlanta, USA. I’ve only been producing for about six months but I think I have some pretty good tracks under my belt. I’ve been a DJ for eleven years and that’s helped me develop a pretty good ear for music. The only thing I lacked was the technical skill to make it. I found this site a couple of days ago and have been in my “studio” ever since. Here’s what I’ve got:

The first one is all original except for the vocals that I stole from Sasha’s remix contest. The second is a track that I thought was close to finished at the beginning of this month but I’ve been working at it all day today and with my new knowledge thanks to Sonic Academy, I think it’s almost done.

Feedback is very much appreciated!


i would listen if they were on soundcloud, just too lazy to dl and open mp3s :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, thanks for the worm welcome.

Welcome to the SA forum!

First track: could have had a faster tempo( don’t worry i have this problem too)

the intro to me felt long(that is really a choice up to you and it could be just because of the tempo)

also there was this high plucked roll in the intro maybe its a sweep sample (really cool btw!) I thought that the sample could have been used another few times before the vocals came in (thats more of a choice in variation, very optional only if you think it will add to the mix)

other than that phenomenal mixdown, great choice of vocals and great track

2nd track: again another great mixdown(after listening to the first track i expected nothing less:D) At the very end i felt like the lead synth clashed with outro synth making the outro synth seem very out of key.

otherwise great variation throughout the track.

I will definitely be looking out for more of your stuff!!!

Thanks for the feedback! I agreed with you about the chords at the end of the second track. I removed them and I think it sounds better now. Here’s the link to the new one:


upload to soundcloud and i might listen to it :smiley:

I like the second track but to my ears yhe first track needs a lot of work. Welcome to the forum, im sure you will learn a lot from here and right now is a great time to subscribe as there is a lot of good content.

Also its shocking to see how lazy people have become…

If you can write any sort of reply to a thread on a forum you can download and listen to and mp3, you might actually find it easier…