New Track again :P

Hi everyone again , today I started a new project and I wanted to share it with you , to get some feedback ( I need lot of feedback :stuck_out_tongue: )

So here it is :slight_smile:

Steven Galan - Caveman ( unfinished ) by Steven Galan

Could barely hear it mate :wink:


Massive Waveform - V.Good Slender!

Cool track - Like the idea.

I think it could seriously do with some fkd up odd ominous noise / riser-ish thing to fill in the gaps in the breaks. Sounds a little too empty for the melody to be there on its own.

Recently I’ve been getting some mental synth presets & tweaking the filter etc…in realtime to see what can be done / sounds good.

You can get demos of all sorts - Absynth / Massive / Reaktor etc… which last for 30mins a go. You could definitely find something odd in there. Just automate even a basic volume rise or low cut coming up in places with a long reverb / bitcrusher / delay & you’ve got something really unique & not “Generic”.

About the breaks , Already edited :stuck_out_tongue: It was not completed in any way the track was a sample on how it will sound like :slight_smile: It definetly also need some Volume boost I dont know really how 2 do it , when I increase the master from ableton it sounds crap really and I cant increase the instruments Volume cause I got the same result : Crap , so any Idea? :confused:

Edit : I found it , the mp3 converter was set to 50% volume lol …

The idea is nice, and this is what it is. An idea.

Work onit and make a track out of it.