New track - all comments welcome


i think the low end is a bit muddy

Cesar Romero by chekka

Solid driving groove, really enjoyed the breakdowns and release as well

Perhaps run it through a broad-band EQ like the Abbey Road TG12412 just to enhance the 1-5Khz range as well as add some air to the top.

nice work mate!

thanks mate - i agree its its a bit muddy

could well be the mids rather than the lows

Love that 2 note bassline that you bring in. Nice groove to the whole thing Man!

Some really nice sounds going on there. V thoughtful, the different changes in pattern that you have going in the varous sections :cool:

Yeah nice one mate - sorry but my hangover refuses me to use adjectives :wink:

cheers lads

im happier with the tune this time but i still think the mids are a bit muffly


still getting used to doing the full mixdown in ableton and not cubase

I can share your own opinion.

It does sound muddy. You might try EQ the lower parts and making some room for the kick.

The track itself sounds interesting.

Have you looked at it via Spectrum analysis?

Nice mate.

Could def use some EQ in the mids and low end tho.

Is your bass sidechained to the kick? Coz there is a quite a bit of clashing

I like your lead, very techno. Try adding some more swing to it, seem very straight on the beat as it is.

Hope this help ya mate :wink:

yeah i added a sorta sub bass

ill do another mix down here with it taken out and the bass sidechained

i have a hi pass filter on the toms and the bas in the new one

see how it affects it

i have sh*t acoustics in here

funny enough this was one of the first times i di d make use of the spectrum analyzer

musta been doing it wrong!

Cesar romero V2 by chekka


The only difference I’m hearing between the two is that the bass is more distorted in the second one. Its still pretty muddy.

What did you change in the second version?

i took out the sub bass

i put a hi pass filter on the toms and brought the cut higher up the spectrum (about 124hz)

i put a hi pass filter on the bass and brought the cut higher up the spectrum (about 130 hz)

i had already used a cut on the eq for the bass at 180 but in the analyzer there was still some coming thru

your right the bass is more distorted

i went back to the original version and put the wav into cubase

had a go at mastereing it myself to see what that wd do

i think it helped a bit

this is it below