New Track "d4bk -no tales" EDM House / Dance Music

Hey there,
yesterday i´ve finished my new Track and would like to have some feedback so i can improve my skills. What do you think about it? Have nice day :slight_smile:

Hey @Bjoern_K

Will catch up on this one before the end of the week end since I’m in a middle of Studio & Computer re-installation here :slight_smile:

Still need to go through monitors calibration & some other things before jumping back into critical listening comments …LOL

Will be updating my today comment when done :slight_smile:

Catching up later on then :wink:

Cheers !

Hey @Tekalight no stress :slight_smile: will have a look later on the forums … :smiley:

Hey again @Bjoern_K

So I’m currently taking a listening right now…

Like the long intro and the build, have you been influenced by “Avaritia” from Deadmau5 BTW ?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

On the first listening my ears got confused by the sync of the beat & bass starting from 6:05 after the main break, I played it again and found the same, some sounds seems to be too much gated because of too pronounced side-chain effect maybe ?? Or is it a YT out of sync issue, have you checked with your original track if the YT playback was correct ?

For the rest it’s an interesting track, like very much the organics atmo sounds you’ve used in it and the synths. Might be missing a tiny bit of low end since the overall track is very bright due to those synths & sounds but still, it’s quite well balanced in terms of mixing.

But yea, nice track and sounds in there, one that might be polished a bit more but pleasant to listen :slight_smile:

Cheers !

it’s very deadmau5-ish, isn’t it? the long intro, the spherical sounds, the bit loose movement of the chords. for that not bad but i’m missing a bit the emotional payoff. something really memorable and “tacky”. also there is on my speakers a problem in the balancing, most obvious around 7:30.

i swear, i didn’t read tekalight’s comment mentioning deadmau5 before i wrote my comment. ^^

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Yep, there’s definitely something wrong from the drop after the break toward the end of the track, still opting for excessive use of side-chain / gate or maybe some samples delay inside the DAW if this is not due to the YT upload.

BTW @Bjoern_K , would be great to have a SoundCloud or similar platform audio file for feedback.