New Track Feedback Needed

Hi guys, i’ve just put together a very rough arrangement of a track i’ve been working on. Please have a listen here

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

This is the first track i’ve posted on here and would welcome your feedback


this song has a cool underground old school feel to it. i like the subby kick, and 303 cowbell in the beginning. reminds me of “the house of god”.

i like how it builds up gradually with the synth chord stabs leading the way.

i would bring some more sounds in the breakdown, maybe a big long filter sweep to build more anticipation before you bring in the full song after the break.

i kinda felt like the stabs got a little overused towards the end of the song.

nice little dark driving tune.

Yeah i can see what you mean, i’m currently working through the Chord Tut and the Prog House tut, but will be tweaking along these lines. Thanks for taking the time to listen and reply:D

Very progressive really builds up nicely. The breakdown is very nice flows well we like it