New track for your review!

Hey guys,

Ok you may have all seen me posting in the main forum about trying to get this particular drum sound.

Anyways I was playing around and ended up getting this, i’ve now finished the rest of the track off. 3 solid days in total to do this, hope you like it!!

Feeback / constructive critism muchly appreciated :cool:

Apologies forgot to say what it was.

Look for track: ‘Funky Guitar’

will check it this afternoon and revert :wink:

Sweet. This is what i would do.Crank up the release when ur going for the breakdown to create some excitement. And i´d like a bassline. some thing funky.

Had a listen fella and i like it. Its got a solid back bone but could do with just a little more going on ie as stated previously may be a bass line to give it some meat. Liked some of the breakdowns but if i’m being super critical the structur of them could be better. Just some constructive criticism but i aint no exper myself. Keep up the good work

Sweet, cheers for the feedback guys! Much appreciated :smiley:

The only thing is guys is that there is a bassline, it’s just not ‘too much’ because I had wanted the track to be focused on the bongo drums, it’s supposed to be a pretty tribal track rather than something electro or housy where it’s lead by the bassline if you get me?

However i do want to get the track sounding great to a point where i could probably send it out, so i’m kinda stuck what to do with the track really in that respect because there are already shit loads of layers put into this and i feel perhaps if i put much more in it would clog up the track too much?

Help :frowning:

hey classmate :cool:

first of all i really liked the back bone :slight_smile: as described above… the beats, the stabs, the snares and the hats work good to my ears… i also agree that the addition of a bass would make the track more tight… a proper rhythm section would level up this track.

what i didnt like was the breakdowns… although they are properly fitted in the track i did not get any excitement out of them…

what i like to your tracks is that you always spending much hours on implementing the various instructions of sonic academy, that’s why i believe that soon we will listen to some great stuff by you.


dont get disillusioned your track is still great. The guitar is funky and the drums are sweet - really liked the percussion element and the way the drums were introduced. Its just lacking a bit of energy and drive for me. As stated in previous posts the breakdowns and build up just lack a bit of energy and anticipation. Perhaps you could do a little tease and cut the guitar sound up etc. I do understand what you are saying about it being a tribal affair but to me it would be better pushing it into a more electro house sound. Dont do what i always do and never ever finish a track off.

Cheers guys, i’m working on a new bassline now. I’ve got something now but think i may tweek it a bit, problem is that now it sounds electry tribal rather than the sound i was going for. But it is definately more ‘interesting’ sounding.

I’ve added a string sound that gradually raises in volume over the course of 64 beats before the drops to help add tension including the breakdown parts, its very subtle so it doesn’t ruin it. However i’m not really sure what else i could do to help bring more tension, excitment and build up.? I’ve already got two filters/sweeps and a white noise layered


since we still have not expert kowledge of the software we use, in my opinion it is almost impssible to get the exact sound we want from the very beginning… at least this is my problem …hahaha:D

i also think that every production we make is like a personal hippy trip.

i mean that the only sure thing is that we want to travel (make a track), then we have to select the mean of transport (bpm), and then to decide what to take with us (genre)… where you will end it doesnt matter as long as you had a pleasant trip… if the final location satisfies us then we end our hippy trip and send a demo to labels :hehe:;) 


monsieur (hippy) electronique

haha loving your analogy! :smiley:

Ok can you all take a listen to this and let me know what you think? I’ve lowered the string volume a bit since extracting this audio however.

What i’ve done is from the point you hear, will be from the moment a DJ would drop the track (around the 1 minute mark)

I’ve left the bass as before, but after the first riff drop (1.45mins into the sample) it goes into the new bassline, i did have the whole thing with the new bassline but i felt it got ‘a bit too much’ for the whole track, most DJ tracks dont give everything away until later in the track anyways to add to excitement.

BUT i really value you’re opinions guys, i want to get this right, should i do it this way or should i keep the new bassline all the way through? Is the new bassline any good?

Thoughts? -


I got rid of the string, it wasn’t giving the effect I wanted, instead i read in Computer Music magazine about putting a Synth into simpler then automating the transpose, i did this as well as adding some ping pong delay and auto pan and it had a much desirable effect!

We do need some tutorials on build ups and breakdowns to be honest. It’s a big sticking point for me.

Now, don’t get me wrong this tune is very well made but it totally let’s me down.

At the start of each breakdown you get this awesome filtered guitar rif and this huge creshendo then this agonisingly great wait where you’re sitting there gagging for this massivly filtered bassy rocking tech house moment to blast in and nothing happens… back to tribal beats again. This tune is the stripper of the music world, looks good, get’s you all fired up then pulls away at the last moment :slight_smile:

Like I said, good production skills, can’t fault you there, I just feel like this tune could be REALLY good if you poured a shitload of power into it after the breakdowns.

Alright mate, really appreciate your thoughts on it. Glad you were liking the build up, build ups and breakdowns have been something i’ve been struggling with and trying to master.

I know what you mean’t which is why i changed the bassline to be really heavy and techy after the drop, but no pleasing some :wink: hehe

I’ve left that track now, think i’ve done as much as i can with it and i’ve now moved onto another project, watch this space :cool::smiley: