New track free download

quite like this one, takes me somewhere :)br

Sounds on my Headphones pritty distorted. But indeed ther is some cool “movies” going on there. Just I think there is no dynamik in that track everything is loud loud loud, so its destroing that feeling what the track can give when its good mixed and mastered.

cheers for the feedback, this might sound odd, but i’d rather my music veering in the way it sounds rather than veering in the way avicci and deadmau5 sound :smiley:

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds did this today free download also :wink:

yea crushed to the wall there unfortunately. br
i had read a gd statement before on track loudness. cant remember where from but it was thisbr
"if you cant be as loud as the competition. focus on the bass"br
think deadmau5 faxing berlin for this. sounds amazing. loads of warm bottom end but yet no where near the ceiling. br
try that approach in future :slight_smile:

I have to agree - there are some very good sounds in there, and the track has enormous potential, but the distortion is ruining it!br
And the arrangement seems pretty odd - there’s no breakdown right? Would be nice to take things down for a few
Have you smashed the hell out of this with a limiter or something?

Exactly the same with smackfish - enormous potential, great sounds - but overcompressed so not enough dynamics and too much distortion.

Have you an overdrive on master bus? Or saturator or any of those things? If so try dialing back the dry wet. If not that, are you getting ur volume purely from a limiter?br
Try compressing before the limiter in the chain. br
If ur limiting more than about 2-3db off the peaks that cud b the problem too. If you are seeing -10db or more ya get problems

magic road has definatly style but there is no structure in it… no breaks and no real drops