New Track I just self released, labels werent interested, thoughts?

Qi Wanders - RosC

Soundcloud link is better because it can be embedded into the forum and much easier to then give feedback.

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Hi there @RosC

Nice elements in there like the main synth for the melody and everything atmosphere/ambient sounds giving a nice feel to the track, there’s also an overall good balance of the track mixing wise.

Now for suggestion about what’s not working IMO : the beat and bass don’t work that well in terms of rhythm and groove for the track. The recurring low hat or snare sound ( well I would call that a drum “stick” sound ) and the synth bass feel very static and repetitive, and to my ears it’s conflicting with the synth and ambience of the track, giving a more staccato or robotic feel, too much consistent when it could be much more alive and organic. Also missing another melodic element or at least more variation for the melody. Playing with the synth filter cutoff and delays might help as well.

Hope this helps ! Keep it up :sunglasses:

Cheers :wink: