New Track on going

Anyone fancy giving me some feed back on this track im making iv run out of ideas cheers peeps!

Sorry for the delayed reply :wink:

I would say that you have nice drums mixing here as well as some great melodic elements going on, now the arrangement could be much more interesting I think, the last part was more interesting but you have many parts before where it sounds too much repetitive I would say.

That’s also in part due to levels of each instrument which makes it more difficult to hear the details when you bring a new element in. This “dreamy” main synth id very loud to me and also has got some harsh high end, so that will definitely make it really cut through the mix and take space over other elements.

I"m not a big fan of this intro with fading levels slowly increasing before the first drop down, it makes the bass sound too blurry and creates too much contrast comparing to the rest of the mix which is a bit too loud.

I would rather not introduce the bass in the intro or use effects instead of using this volume ramp technique ( or whatever was done here ).

But yeah, nice melodic elements and drums, if you can get a more cohesive Mix level wise and more clarity to distinct all elements, it could already make the arrangement as it is more interesting.

Curious about @nachenko and @kuchenchef feedback here :wink: This might be more your field of expertise for this genre, I’m only listening to “Post-Covid 19 Apocalyptic Neo-Punk Heavy Metal” music at the moment ( no, no, don’t search for a new genre, I just mean news of the world on TV and Radio… :smile: :grin: :joy: ).

This sounds like Darksynth to me. On the melodic/harmonic side, Darksynth tends to be very simple, with a very strong focus on the drum and the bass, so the track sinks or swims depending on that: a drum+bassline combo that fills your ear and makes you move your head. If I had to mix this track from scratch, this is the first thing I’d try to nail: making the drum, the snare and the synth bass sound amazing on their own like a cohesive groove, with no extra elements needed, not even the hi hat. This is the area that needs immediate attention at this moment, in my opinion.

There are other things, but I’ll have to talk about them later.

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Takalight, Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your input, I dont really make this type of music as you can tell i’m not very good at it, LOL, Maybe i should stick to what i know best, as i have found out its really hard switching to a new genre!

Arranging, mixing, is what i am really weak on at the moment, and i need to really knucklin now and start putting the effort in to my music, which is what i am going to do at the start of next year,

But yeah thank you once again and stay safe pal! and have a great christmas,

Regards Tony.

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nachenko, Also sorry for the late reply buddy and thank you for your input its much appreciated, but this is not really a genre for me unfortunately and i will be focousing on the style of music i now best from now on.

But i hope you all the best and a have a fab Christmas

Thank you

Regards Tony

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I think there’s nothing wrong adventuring in genres you’re less confident with when it comes to music production, actually stepping out from your comfort zone is a very good way to improve. Key point is to produce music you enjoy and don’t focus on perfection.

For arrangement, best advice is to listen a lot of music, grab some tracks you find well arranged and with a progression that works and you can say : " yes, listener experience is achieved in this one ", load the track onto an audio channel inside your DAW and use it as a reference. If you zoom on the track region, you can create a new Midi track and use dummy empty Midi clips to identify and mark the regions of the ref. track.

It’s not about copying the track, but many times a proven working song structure will work for your own productions as well, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time.

For Mixing, not sure if I already mentioned this course but this is a very good place to start :

Understanding Mixing Fundamentals with Phil Johnston

As long as you can put time into production and enjoy doing it you’ll progress, no worries, and there’s no point to put pressure on you with results, it’s a long journey and the road is paved with joy and frustration, so keep it fun as much as you can :wink: Will have a listen to this new track you uploaded later on :sunglasses:

I am still working on the track STAY as we speak, I’ve add more intrest to the drums and started leveling out a bit more also iv bouces the stems to have a crack at mastering this one but i may get it done by a pro master engineer once i’m ready and completed the track,