New Track - Onslaught "Cush Remix"

comments and feedbacks

much appreciated



I didn’t like it. Just didn’t cut it for me.

Joking aside.

Effing ace mate, the song told a story from start to finish and had me engrossed for that whatever length of time. Good work.:slight_smile:

I think a small sample of some word or words would help this track definitely.

thanks mate, glad you like it,

your feedback much appreciated, thanks for listening …

Cush , .

nice track :slight_smile: loved the machine gun bit :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers mate,

please have a listen to my other tracks aswell :w00t:

good stuff man, you keep pumping out quality techno tunes

thanks Mr Tommyt :slight_smile:

Only been learning about 4 months or so… I’m addicted. love it !!

top stuff cush mate - hottest one yet :smiley:

**** hot mate!! Great work!

Thanks for the Support Guys !!

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ooh that was really nice.

Thanks buddy :slight_smile: