New track Origional

New track original & vocal.

Feedback would be appreciated.


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nice track mate, i’m ****e at giving feedback but its sounding pretty professional to me :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening. I still feel that the track needs some work, especially the outro in particular. Just wish my PC wouldn’t crash so much when it gets to the important part. It really stops me from finishing the track the way I want to.

Purchased a Mac from ebay today. Hopefully that should do the trick. :):):slight_smile:

Hey Paul it’s a good track but you’re right. From about the 5 minute point on there’s a lot of repetition. That section to the end needs sorting with more variation. I kind of expected the full vocal to come back in not too long after the chopped up one that forms the groove but it just doesn’t. Bit of work and you’ll have a cracker.

Thanks again for feedback. Really good to get some advice. I’m still waiting for the Mac to come through the post. I should have it tomorrow hopefully. I’m going to take your advice and do something with the vocal towards the end of the track maybe even shorten it a little. When my track kicks in after the break on my PC it crashes and goes into overload. Once I have rebuilt it on the Mac Ill post it up to see What people think.

My Girlfriend did the vocal on the track. My first go at recording vocals. If anyone has any tips I would be grateful.



I posted a track up on here a couple of weeks ago and with the feedback that I received I have made a few improvements to the track. I have also sent it to a record label who have advised me that they really like the the deepness and rhythm of the track.They said the vocal was excellent but they still feel that it is missing something.

What do you guys think can anyone give me some constructive feedback?




I wouldn’t have that big crash cymbal at the end. I don’t remember hearing any big crash cymbals throughout the track so it seemed a bit out of place.

There is some kind of reverse reverb/noise build up into the cymbal which is cool - why not try cutting the actual crash out and just finishing the track with the reverse/build noise?

Thanks for the reply. I can sort that crash effect no problem. It is used throughout the track but you probably cannot here so much because of the ride and all of the other stuff that is going on.

Im not sure if I need to add another instrument in or something. Do people think that the end of the track is a little to boring maybe? Maybe it should be more creative.