New Track - Please comment


PS Could anybody explain me how to get the soundcloud player in? :wink:

Hi Squin, just had a listen to your track and I like the stabs and its got a good arrangement. Have you thought about maybe using a sine wave to thicken up the bass as it sounds a little weak.

I think the kick needs more punch as the white noise overpowers it in places and maybe change the arrangement of the sounds towards the end to keep the listener on their toes?

As for the soundcloud signature *

Check the top-ish of the forum screen. Look for “Control Panel”, click on that then “Edit Signature”. That open panel window is where you need to paste the thing that you want to have appear at the bottom of each of your posts.

In this case, you want the Soundcloud stem to appear right? So, on your Soundcloud account, for the track itself there’s a button on the track that says “Share”, click on that then copy the text in the “Embed Code” window. Paste that text into the Panel I mention in the first paragraph (Edit Signature).

Job done.

(*this information was provided by Jon Sloan, copyright) :wink: