New track probably my most interesting to date

hope some of you enjoy tthis havent been this proud of a track in yonks :smiley:

GooOGLeWeeD.als(extended version) by ekkobot

You have good reason to be proud of that. Some great textures in there. Really enjoyed that. Kind of a soundtrack feel to it.

If there’s one thing that seemed slightly out of place, it felt like the track starts right in the middle of something, instead of having a slight intro.

hey thanks man yeah, i will eventually extend it to maybe 7 or 8 mins and have a bit of an intro :slight_smile:

very nice vibe with that synth, laid back & enjoyed!

extended this out a bit, seems like a fuller track now…

Definitely enjoyed it. Really dark synth with a groove. Like the scary sounds in the back too.

I really, really like that intro, its dark and, well weird, but it was awesome!

As was the rest of the track, but the intro was definately needed and is definately a great addition!

You really have a unique style with your tracks too, awesome stuff!

cheers guys, ive noticed that one of the bars of bass near the end of the bassloop is a little low or something, wonder if changing the track to a higher key will fit it, dont really want to rewrite it :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. That bass synth is lovely and the wandering melody keeps it interesting.

A treat for the ears.

cheers man, yeah i think it sounds kinda interesting cos its in 3/4 but the snare is in 6/4 so it still kinda sounds like a 4/4 track :slight_smile: