New Track Progressive - Big Room

Hey guys just finished another track hope you like it … it gave me a hard time trying to master it not sure if i done it correctly… Feedback always welcome!br
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The build up before the second drop is pretty dope! br
just listening with my laptop speakers so can really tell you about the

Intro was good as were the breakdowns…br
however the rest just seems really empty and dull, no energy or groove
other than that the mixing seemed to be alright though

I really liked you sound. Its
I think it could be better if you had a more powerful drop. Hard to explain, because I still learning the ropes. But I had the feeling that the whole track was one big build up. I was waiting for a big drop, but it never came I

thanks!! well yeah thats what i though … after i finished mastering it felt like the drop wasnt powerfull enought anymore… thanks a lot for the feedback… i will like to know how do i get my tracks loud as beatport songs without limiting the song too much