New Track ( still under construction :P )

Hey guys I am about to finish a track so I made a small preview to show it 2 ya to give me some feedback ( love feedback :stuck_out_tongue: ) and tell me what ya think about it , sounds any good? :slight_smile: ( Btw in the main part I’ve addet a melody which is still a suprice cause the preview was recordet yesterday xD )

Hi Steven.

My main thought on this track was that it currently doesn’t have enough drive and energy in the bass end of the track.

I think that this is particularly important on a track like this, as it is clearly a track designed to be played in clubs as its quite a bangin and hard style!

I think by today’s standards, the main thing you need to do is add some more pump, energy and groove into the track.

As far as everything else goes, although it is quite a simple track with only a few elements, i like the general style of the track and feel you are on the right lines as long as you can inject more groove and energy into the track.

Hey David , Thanks for the feedback mate :slight_smile:

Well in the main riff there is a melody by now ( the preview was recorded some days ago ) and now I am trying to change some notes on the bass cause its the same again and again , sounds good 4 me but I guess for the listeners it’s kinda boring …

I am gonna make another preview and post it here , hope 2 get some feedback again ( hopefully from others too )