New Track - The Uprising

This is pretty dark compared to the rest of my stuff, a little bit sinister you might say

I used the Sausage fattener on a few synths and the drums, definitely beefed them up a bit…

Feedback appreciated, hope you enjoy

The Uprising by mozzatron

not my kind of thing but it sounds cool man, i like the fattened up sounds using the sausage :wink: I use it too man on my bass and synths, don’t think I’ll ever stop using it!

good work

Yeah it’s a nice and simple little plug in, used in moderation it sounds decent

oo00ooh i like that, i think i will have to pick that plugin up, track’s sounding nice as well.

have only heard good things bout the plugin, but was hesitant at first cus it looked kinda gimmicky. good price point too.

The Bruce ****inson [Preview] by Maxy_

great sounds and nice track mate!!

Welcome to the dark side my friend

Cool track

Cheers guys, welcome to the dark side indeed…that might be the name of the next track!