New track. Unfinished. Opinions?

Hi all!

I continue trying to improve the technics (production, mixing, mastering, etc.), This one is my fourth track. It is unfinished, but I will apreciate some feedback. I have EQ it and mastered to have an idea on the final sound. Let me see what you think about it.


Hi WingX like the idea, I would probably use more sidechain to give more pumping effect, and might need a little bit of sub. Keep rollin!

Hi there @wingx

Yep, as @druce mentioned, nice idea there and already some good results if it’s a 4th track :slight_smile:

You did well with the mastering, you’re reaching around -10 db for the Avg RMS with around 9 dB of Dynamic Range ( might even be more on your original file since I got those values passing the audio in from SndCld to a stereo input here, and it’s therefore based on a MP3 file which I then converted to a 44100 16 bit Wav file ).

Now IMO the issue I could point won’t be about more side-chain or a lack of sub, for me it’s the opposite way, your kick is a tiny bit too loud but it’s more the higher frequencies causing the issue. I would try to filter those high frequencies before they hit the limiter and reduce the kick & beat in level.

You can then try to use compression but not with side-chain, you need to use it to glue the mix, that’s where filtering the highs should help because they arm the track when hitting the limiter ).

Another thing is that you have some elements slightly not tuned, like the arpeggio bells starting in the intro and the vocals, on one end it creates an effect but again passing through your mastering chain, it gives more unbalanced harmonics. You also used quite a bit of saturation/distortion, nice effect as well, but to use with moderation. If you crank up your mix a little bit more it will sound distorted.

For the elements out of tune here is something I sometime do ( don’t know your DAW but I’ll explain in Live ) :
I render the final mix from the master channel and reload it in Live, I warp the file using the “Complex Pro” algorithm which is the most musical & retain the most harmonics. Once done I play with the “transpose” setting in the audio editor windows & pitch down at -5 , -7 & -12 Semi Tones. If you have too much out of tune elements, it makes it more obvious to point tuning issues that way.

Some other things that comes to my ears is the use of reverb, Mid/Side Eq & filtering before hitting the reverb is your friend here, sometime a delay with a plate or a spring reverb is more nice than a classic bigger room reverb effect, especially on vocals. But well, it’s also a question of taste and the effect you want to give to your track of course. And that said, I don’t cope with the vocals :slight_smile: , I would rather pitched them down or use something else for my liking.

But yes, good work and already good results here, keep it on !

Maybe you want to check this one if you haven’t done yet : How To Create Wide Mixes with Protoculture | Tutorial 01 - Introduction

Hope that helps, cheers !

Thanks for the feedback @druce.

I will continue working on the project today, with fresh ears, taking into account those points.

@Tekalight, thanks a lot for the whole opinion there.

I also think the beat is a bit loud too. I had been working with another kick sample, wich I finally changed. Fatigue didn’t help me :blush: I will take a look to its filtering, too.

I take a look to the pitch and the reverb effects too.

Thank you, again.

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Keep in mind that what I wrote about the pitch is just a trick to check out if all elements in the track are not too much de-tuned between one another. When Listening back to your mix and pitching it down at -5, then -7 and then -12, if it all blend together then it means your elements are in tune. Of course it doesn’t have to be perfect, but if it sounds to “dissonant” & separated you might have elements that need to be tune. The result is a more harmonic mix, the bad side is that it makes it harder to mix & master since you have a lot of the same harmonics occupying the same frequency ranges.

And yep, didn’t mentioned it but changing the kick could be good as well, it’s also a bit out of tune, but that won’t produce too many harmonics, so it’s not always an issue with percussive sounds. Becomes more a problem whith richer melodic content.

That’s always an issue unfortunately, not easy to force yourself to take those breaks or to walk away from a track for a while and coming back to it later, especially when you spent some time already on it and start to be happy. But the truth is that the more close you get to your sound, the less you’re able to be objective about it + ear & mind fatigue of course.

I know that some producers use alarms, reminder apps or set a time frame for some task or parts of the work when working on a track, just to force themselves to get things done & take breaks. It’s definitely something not always easy to follow & apply anyway :slight_smile:

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That is a great piece of advice. I have tried it just now, and I have noticed the “intro bells” out of tune, as you said (the kick is not an issue since I am working with Kick 2 so I can get a fine tune :relaxed:).

Yes, that is a big truth :relaxed: It is even more difficult now that I am starting in music and I would like to learn, improve and make quality music. :relaxed:

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Great sound for only your 4th track! Loving the opening bells. Personally I’d take some of the attrack off them and add lots of sustain. Touch of reverb and a delay.

Nice bass.

The arp thing is out of tune. Also it’s too dry IMO.

Loving the breakdown. Throw a sub bass under it though.

Vary the bass when the track comes back in to create energy.

Overall I’m impressed. Lots of good ideas!

@squeak2199 Thank you! I appreciate every feedback I am receiving these days. I take into account every piece of advice before finishing the project.


Perfect attitude to have:)