New track: Unfinished - Paul Lock - (The rights of everyman)

This is a preview of a track that I have been working on this week. It’s unfinished but I thought that I would post it up to see what the general feelers are?

Thanks in advance

Paul. :slight_smile:

followed you on soundcloud and sent you a message! sounds really nice!

I like the lowend on your track

Thanks man,

I’ll hit you up on Soundcloud in response to your message. Glad you liked the track. I need to finish it over the weekend. :slight_smile:

Mate, thats some serious stuff. I love it!!

Any secrets to tell regarding the bassline? Sounds amazing!



Thanks for giving it a listen. The low end is really simple, it’s just a pitched down 808 tom in the G1 kinda range and it’s rolling over a half bar loop. Real easy to do. I think the Tech house tut on this site has section that covers something simular to this. Maybe you could check that out for ideas.

Thanks again,


cool track, awesome production dude :slight_smile:

Loved some of the sounds in there, like that falling distorted synth in the transitions (a bit quite in a background, sounded beautiful though!)

Im a sucka for small details like that and youve got yourself a nicely detailed track! Nice work!

Hay guys,

Really appreciate the feedback on this one. I have had to take the track down for the time being as I finished it tonight and also got it signed to a cool label. Soon I will put up a mastered version. It sounds a a lot more polished now. Not bad for 2 weeks work.:slight_smile:

If anyone is on Soundcloud you can follow my page


Likewise I will do the same for you guys.

Thanks again,