New Track with Vocal, Need help!

Need help with this lads, been working on this track for about 2 months, and my mate recorded rap vocals for it… i have never worked with vocals before so i need to know what people think(whether its in sync etc) its a rough draft and i know its not perfect so advice needed please!br
also, i think around 4.30 the vox are out of sync, i might get him to rerecord it! also the placement of the vocals arnt exactly where i want thembr

sorry i forgot to embed it:br
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apart from the sync bit in the middle you’re fine. Just keep working on it. The vox are too far back in the mix and need to be more upfront. Otherwise this is shaping up well.

yeah we definitley have to rerecord that! yeah im not exactly sure how to have it in the mix! but ill definitley make it bigger in the mix! thanks for the feedback!

agreed, bring that creative vocal up… dont be shy lol

Yeah definitley! what about the track itself? anything to add to take away?

I really liked it. Don’t see it really needs a change anywhere. br
Sounds really something that would fit Hot
You might consider giving it a more pronounced open hihat in sections that are too repetitive. (2:58, 5:15).br
And possibly some crashes after 4, 8 or 16 bars. This also makes it easier for dj’s to mix it :wink:

Ah cheers thanks a lot :slight_smile: Good point regarding the hi hats and crashes, ill add that too it :slight_smile: