New track

hey guys,

would like to know what you think of the sounds in this track and if they seem to fit well in the mix.

i understand there are no fills, risers or sweeps or anything yet. i was gonna wait to see if things sound ok first.

im welcome to any kind of feedback/critisism

Newtrack by George Kadar

put in some fx, everything sounds good, actually very good with no fx in it lol. :cool:

thanks a lot walshyy :smiley:

Really liked the breakdown, I think walshy is spot on though, some fx would really make this better. I also hope thats not the end when you complete it? Waaaay too abrupt.

no, its not the full track guys. about 32 bars missed from the start and at least 64 on the end. just wanted to get the main sounds in for ppl to hear

haha im aware of the fx, im sure i mentioned it in the original post :wink:

thanks for the feedback guys

Track sound good… especially themix down… sounds very polished.

I also really like the main riff.

I think it falls down a bit on the arrangement and some of the more incidental sounds in the first section.

I really like to make every sound count… if its not adding impact then its not really needed… i kinda feel that that top quite thin sounding riff in the start section dosnt add anything.

If you listen to any of the arrangements of the new dutch guys they have a couple of main themes and milk them to bits… they have tons of transitions builds drops etc.

you need to make the theme for the “verse” as strong as the “chorus” generally just keeping the verse bass line on a single not so that when in the chorus the note changes you get an emotional lift.

Its quite common for the verse them to be a section of the chorus theme or at least have a relation to it.

Good work tho especially the lead sounds, mixdown and riff

Thanks a lot phil. If im being honest, im not feeling the verse neither. Changed it about a million times and still not 100% happy. Thinkin about putting a rolling bassline in instead

Got a really gud idea actually! Would u keep a single note stab in the intro phil? If it were u making it?