New track

Hi guys,

Working today on this track,

it’s a verry raw version, but i could use some feedback:)

Its a kind of swedish/dutch house track.

I could use any kind of critism :slight_smile:


Thanks in advance

Drums Sound cool at the start but then starts to go a bit wrong…

There are quite a few sounds that are in different keys. It sounds musically a bit all over the place if im honest.

Here are all the videos about chords… check out Main Room Hose one especally

Try to keep it more simple and make sure the different elements are using the same scale.

Thanks for your reply !

Yeah probably my ears where so tired last night,

when i heard it this morning i didnt like it at all:w00t:

I uploaded the track with a new one iam working on now! still really in the beginning.

Is it better now?:cool: