New tracks,, feedback please

Hi all,

 I have just uploaded some tracks Ive finished. I heard them so much now, so need some constructive feedback on them please…

Im having one of those days when nothign seems to be sounding right!

They can be heard on Lenny Barton | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos  or full download below…

Cheers in advance…


Track: Sick Cuban<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p>

File size: 15 mb<o:p></o:p>

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Track: No Man<o:p></o:p>

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Track: Yes Man<o:p></o:p>

File size: 16 mb<o:p></o:p>

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now taking a listen :slight_smile:

i would advise soundcloud i’ve found i get a lot more feedback and plays through soundcloud that i ever did through myspace :cool:

loving NO MAN! From 4:00 on its really :cool: … YES MAN would not play for me.

Zaire :cool: Track where did the vocal come from??? and the tom Sample is nice. The hi hat that drops in around 5:20 is very sharp to my ears (i’ve been listening to music all day so it could be me) :slight_smile:

Sick Man sounds like you Took the Loop From Luv struck very nice track all round.

Nice Tracks Bro

first off - wicked tracks, dood! ALL of them have a nice groove to them… and that’s the most important thing.

i wasn’t going to critique based on dynamic merits… since i didn’t really feel i had the critical listening cap on, but… they were all wicked tunes, so i got into them and then started pulling things apart. so i’ll comment on what i hear (dynamically - because i feel that’s the only thing worth mentioning that isn’t too subjective and can actually have a definitive theory) : :

sick cuban [ ]

like the name… cheeky and relevant

very house(y) dynamics - which isn’t a bad thing, but i feel can be cleaned up in the low end and 300-600hz range.

  • the main groove (distorted perc) needs to be cleaned up for full impact - sounds unintentionally muddy (altho - not sure why that would be the objective for anyone anyway)

  • cleaning the above perc line up will add the dynamic back to your bassline - just reference the rest of the track to your outro at 5:05 - you’ll see the low end come to life again and the track still feels house(y) but full with a clean bottom.

    yes man [ ]

    not sure if the bass is a sample or synth programmed but depending on how it’s programmed…it either needs to be eq’ed more (roll off the low end - you have frequencies that are peaking with your 50hz kick and 60hz bass ← which may benefit from eq’ing a bit higher), change your bass key or transpose up 1, come down in the mix - , less compression, and/or apply some attack (within synth or compressor - depending on how you processed) … giving it more of a bounce and roll (rather than such a squished knock)

    ^^^not all are applicable - but i can’t for certain say what exactly needs to be done based on the possible scenarios of how you did it

    i’d add a little automation (release, pan, note length if 2 notes, FX, etc) to your little stab that filters in thru the breakdown and main line - just to keep it interesting and compliment the groove and movement you already have going on, and filter it back out for its exit - similar to how you brought it in)

    no man [ ]

    i’d lose the intro - doesn’t make sense in context (and on certain sites itunes they’ll preview the first bit - which isn’t very marketable)

    again, not sure if the bass is a sample or synth programmed but depending on how it’s programmed…it either needs to be side-chained (if not already), less compression if already SCed - or apply some attack (within synth or compressor - depending on how you processed) to it… giving it more of a bounce and roll (rather than such a squished knock)

    not sure if it’s a percussion loop playing while your percy bit is introduced during the break down - but it can be HP filtered (believe there are <150 hz frequencies appearing)

    bass in breakdown needs more excitement | interest - rather than just busting down the door like the kool-aid man - especially since i think it’s too boomy. if it’s side-chained (i’m betting it isn’t though), i’d bring | put your trigger track back through so it’s not all abrasive

    all in all - you are super close dood… you got the hard part outta the way, which is making a groove that would get people on the floor and keep them moving.

    again, good job my man.

Yeah, s3android pretty much covered it, but wow man. Nice freaking grooves dude. Maybe you can do a drum/groove heavy tut for us. What do you use to produce?

jon: the loop is from scratch… the vocal on zaire is from a 1940’s african album…


thanks for taking the time for doing that, much apreciated… its a massive help. The synths are done with massive and sylenth so can be manipulated easily enough…

agree with everything you said… really need to clean the perc up in sick cuban and the intro in no man needs to go…

again many thanks

Cheers stylz many thanks…

using ableton mainly, play the perc bits in live and manipulate from there… not really much of a tut, but more than happy to post something up…

again thanks for the kind words…

jon: signed up to soundcloud the other week… was the best way to get people added? same way as facebook or mysapce? just add them?


just search for people and click follow on the left hand of their profile :slight_smile:

cheers jon… will add you now…