New Trance Jam

Hi All!

Here is the first edit of my new trance track my brother & I made.

This is the 2nd trance track I made. I have been doing electro & dubstep but I squeezed this in.

Please give it a listen & and comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


New trance jam (1st Edit) by Andrew & Jeremiah

pretty f’in sick! dig the change in the second half… very well done

[quote]Cloudkicker (02/11/2010)[hr]pretty f’in sick! dig the change in the second half… very well done[/quote]


thanks guys! much appreciated! glad you liked it!

I made some changes to the track. Lil EQ, mixing and some new sounds. Please give a listen!

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated!

I need to try and be constructive hear. I dont mean to be mean or anything so lets look at some things. The only highlight for me was some of the melodies, you have some nice ideas. The huge let down of this track is your sounds, they all sound like they are just standard presets out of the Nexus/Vanguard and it all sounds a bit 15 years ago, soundwise. Also your kick needs alot of work as do pretty much all your other drums. I think your main problem is your mixdown BUT its no fun even attempting to mixdown poor sounds. For a first attempt tho it shows that you have good musical ears and can make some nice musical parts. But you have alot alot alot of work to do on your sounds. Hopefully there is a trance tutorial on the way that will benefit you. I really dont want to be a jackass but getting the comments above you might send it to a few labls and the letdown is far greater. Simple pick your favourite artists layest track and compare it to yours and try to get to their standards soundwise tjis should greatly help your ears. Also dont just use presets i mean you can use them but a massive thing in trance is layering. You also need to have a real look and listen to modern trance basslines and work alot on your low end.

Hey UV,

I thought you did a great job…I love late 90s trance… Now to me it’s more original…I don’t think you mastered this track from a professional engineer before you officially release it. Many will say it’s really good ( and IT IS IMO), and some will say, oh you need this and that…I have been making techno/trance for a yr but have been a trance addict 2000. I say, you be yourself, have your own style…We don’t want everyone to sound like everyone, right? There is no right and wrong unless people have no musical sense…Just keep it up and make more trance songs like this…Don’t forget to get it mastered from a good engineer, it will sound better than anyone can imagine :D:D

thanks for the last 2 comments. it was good to hear something else about this track.

It’s funny about Jan’s comments because I actually only used nexus for the piano sound. Everything else was actually sylenth or dcam synths. I don’t even have vanguard. I try not to use presets too often and when I do, I try to do what I can to make them my own but although some I can understand how some of the sounds might sound “typical” trance type sounds. I listen to a lot of trance as well and have been an addict since 2000 myself. So its not that I don’t understand that there is a new wave of sounds that are being in used with a lot of trance today, I just didnt go for that with this track because that isnt what I was trying to do. I kinda wanted the “old school” epic trance sounds to be used. But I did try to throw some others in there that were not so traditional (like the guitar riff at the end)…

personally my trance favorites are the discover guys (tyas, o’callahan, colontonio…) but I have been listening to a lot of sied van riel and W&W lately. both are excellent.

orbital you were on the money, because I def didn’t have this track mastered at all. It was just posted up onto soundcloud as is. I did try to apply some new EQ techniques that I have learned lately into the track and some of the new things I have been learning lately. but I am by no means an expert at this. almost all of the time I spend making music is done working on electro tracks. some dubstep here & there, but I focus a lot of my attention on electro because thats what I’m really loving right now. I am by no means a pro at this stuff yet. i’ve only been really doing it for like 5 months. but I have a special place in my heart for trance so I decided to take something my brother and I have been jamming out to and try to work it into a trance track.

honestly i have no intention of sending this to a record label. i don’t wanna do that for any genre yet cause I am not ready to yet. I’m still learning and trying to hone my craft as a musician. and this goes for all styles that I am working on. What I will do with my tracks is send them to my friends that are well known producers and get their input on them. they give me their thoughts and inputs on them and it helps me improve for the next one. what I probably will do is redo this track completely from the ground up pulling things like the melody or other tid bits and make a whole brand new track later. but for now I am gunna work on this electro track i’ve been trying to perfect before starting another trance one.

personally i am doing this to make music that I love. hopefully others will like it too. i’m not gunna get stuck doing 1 style of this or that, because to me that seems boring. I want to get better using the tools that I have at my disposal rather then learning how to get a specific sound for a specific genre. i appreciate all the praise for the track! glad some people liked it. gives me some inspiration for another 1. next track won’t be trance but I promise I will most definitely continue to churn out some trance tunes as I continue to get better with music production in general.