New trance tune, not completely finished would like some advice :D

Alright, so I was watching the new tut as I did this, you guys will probably recognize parts of it. But I did try to make it different as much as I could. So, it’s my first trance track, please let me know how I can improve it a bit, still looking for some finishing touches :slight_smile: might need a bit in terms of arrangement, especially near the end.

Trance#1 by sharkswithlazers


You gt some nice ideas going on there mate, try using different FX like Reverbed kicks/Crashes/short noise bursts etc to help you transition into new sounds and different parts of your track…

Also your bassline needs a lot of work, its not really coming through the mix well and its lacking the bottom end… Try adding a nice offbeat sub…

thanks mate, good advice :slight_smile: I’ll start some work on it today and post back a new version in a couple days.