New tune :D

new track, another one i;'m quite proud of, feedback more than welcome :slight_smile:

She lives on in my mind by ekkobot

Hands down your best work. Really really good stuff.

Agree with jonsloan, great quality stuff dude!

Really like the voxy pad in the back. Really chilled out and dark!

thanks man, i think if it was produced a bit better and mixed and mastered i could probs find a label for it, i’ll come back to it at some point :slight_smile:

Nice track man a nice moody atmospere with some nice melodic touches, I like theglitchyness u got going on in there also. Nice work on the percusion as well.

The arrangement moves along nicely as well with new things being introduced frequently. Im personally not into the screaming synth but it works in the track. So yea man good work

great stuff… i love the chilled atmos with the cray vibe in it…

cheers guys, that screaming synth bit was the dfx transverb added to the bass, i been using it alot in my tracks for strange sounding riser type effects, theres a random button that i keep hitting till i find something that i like the sound off :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff. Production is well tight