New tune :D

well this is my new effort hope some of you enjoy, bit more upbeat majory than some of my stuff, also got some other clips on my page of stuff i havent posted…

Hey Ekko, hope all’s good with ya? Just had a listen and I like the computer bleepy synth very cool and the lead bit (if thats what you call it?) sounds really good as well. I personally felt like it was a bit too hectic with everything goin at the same time in places.

What sort of style/genre would you class that as? I’ve never heard anything like that before, normally everything I hear is quite structured and I’m very impressed by the way that you arrange it when it seems like there’s no set pattern :hehe:

erm i dont really know what style it is but its influenced by some of the border community stuff and all the spin offs from that, with regards to arranging i still ghost track alot and ive noticed alot of artists are arent simply looping up every 8 bars or whatever like there can be 8 bars then 6 or 2 or something, so that can make things sound a bit more interesting, not that i do much of that, also some artists are writing stuff in timings like 6/4 it still sounds alot like 4/4 but its looping up a bit differently…

Personally if I saw this on something like beatport I would put it under Electronica. Cant really fit it anywhere else?

Great stuff as always bro! You know youve got something unique going on if you can put it under an Electronica tag for me personally, you can only do so much on the other genre’s.

Really like the first 1:33. Then it’s getting more electronica indeed. But that first part is great techno-ish sound. Bleeps are wonderful!

You might have a go with that first bit and make a great techno/minimal track out of it.